Two Savage Blacks Attack White Student on Bus in Belleville, Illinois. No Hate Crime Charges or Arrests Made

18 Ottobre 2009

Nota la somiglianza tra il titolo sul sito dell'Illinois National Socialist Front (un partito di estrema destra per la supremazia bianca) e il titolo usato dal Corriere della Sera. DOMANDE: Perchè il Corriere della Sera deve pubblicare un'articolo su un piccolo episiodio di bullismo in una cittadina lontana miglaia di chilometri dall'Italia? Perchè sia l'Illinois National Socialist Front che il Corriere della Sera parlano di una aggressione "a sfondo razziale" quando, secondo la polizia, non lo era?

Two students suspended after school bus attack
Belleville, IL (KMOV.com) -- Two students were suspended after a student was beaten on a school bus. Authorities say a 17-year-old student was beaten two different times by two different students while enroute to Belleville West High School on Monday morning. According to Belleville Police Captain Don Sax, the victim was attempting to find a seat on the bus and several students refused to let the student sit next to them.

Sax says that the student asked one of the suspects if he could sit down, and the video shows the suspect shaking his head. The bus driver then told all of the students to find a seat and began to drive. Sax says the victim is seen moving the suspect's backpack out of the way and sitting in the seat. That's when the attack happened.

Surveillance video on the bus shows the suspect attempting to push the victim out of his seat and then beating the victim by punching him in the face and choking him.

The victim again sat down in his seat and after a few minutes, the second suspect is seen walking over to the victim and striking him in the face.

When first asked if the incident was racially motivated, Sax said, "If you watch the video, it's a strong suggestion that it was obviously race-related. Both of the suspects are black, one white victim." Now the police department told the school Superintendent Greg moats that the fight was not racially motivated.

Dr. Moats said he wants everyone from the ranking Belleville officials to the average Joe to realize his district will not stand for this type of violence. Moats followed through by suspending the students who fought. No word yet on how long the suspension would last.

Both of the suspects are juveniles and will be petitioned through the court for charges on Tuesday. News 4 is told that the suspects are 14 and 15 years-old. Police have not released the names of any of the students involved.

The victim did not go to the hospital, but Sax says he did suffer some cuts and bruises on his face.

First Student, the transportation company that operates buses for Belleville West and East, said the driver was placed on leave. He did not drive on Tuesday and he will not drive again until the case is resolved. At first the spokeswoman said he was on an unpaid leave "which is par for the course," according to the spokeswoman. However, she backed off later saying she couldn't comment on a personnel matter. First Student said the driver followed company policy.


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